BUILDING A BETTER WORLD

                                  At Caterpillar, sustainability is our commitment to building a better world. Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do every single day. We recognize progress involves a balance of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic growth.

                                  We consider this as we work toward a vision of a world in which people’s basic needs – such as shelter, clean water, education and reliable energy – are fulfilled. We provide work environments, products, services and solutions that make productive and efficient use of resources as we strive to achieve our vision. We believe this commitment supports the enduring success of our customers, stockholders, dealers and our people.

                                  Sustainability Report

                                  For more than 90 years, our customers have used our equipment to develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets that improve living standards across the globe. Our dedication to building better is stronger than ever, and this year’s report has the details.

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                                  Sustainability Report Sustainability Report

                                  Vision, Mission, Strategy, & Principles

                                  In the next decade, the most successful companies will be those that integrate sustainability into their core businesses. That’s what we’re doing at Caterpillar, and we are helping our customers do the same.

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                                  vision mission strategy and principles vision mission strategy and principles

                                  Sustainability in Action


                                  Earth Day Earth Day

                                  Putting Sustainability into Action on Earth Day and Every Day

                                  Sustainability is our commitment to building a better world.

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                                  Caterpillar No. 44 World’s Most Admired Company Caterpillar No. 44 World’s Most Admired Company

                                  Caterpillar No. 44 World’s Most Admired Company

                                  We made Fortune’s Top 50 All-Stars list for 19 consecutive years!

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                                  Power When We Need It Most Power When We Need It Most

                                  Power When We Need It Most

                                  Critical operations can’t afford to be without power, and for more than 80 years, our generators have supported our customers helping the world in times of need.

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                                  Beyond the Sustainability Report


                                  Circular Economy

                                  Our focus on developing better systems optimizes our use of resources, maximizes the total life cycle value of our products and minimizes the cost of ownership for our customers.

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                                  Energy & Climate

                                  Energy consumption is rising rapidly, driven by worldwide population growth, swiftly developing economies, improving global living standards and the rapidly increasing use of ever more energy-dependent technologies.?

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                                  At Caterpillar, sustainability begins within our own operations. We have established high performance standards for environment, health and safety at our facilities that extend beyond compliance with laws and regulations.

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                                  Human Rights

                                  Our commitment to respect internationally?recognized human rights supports Caterpillar’s vision to create a work environment that all can take pride in, to be a company others respect and admire, and contribute to a world made better by our actions.?

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                                  Conflict Minerals

                                  Caterpillar is committed to the responsible sourcing of Conflict Minerals used in our products. With regard to the extraction and trade of Conflict Minerals, Caterpillar will not knowingly provide support to, contribute to, assist with, or facilitate armed conflict in the DRC.

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                                  Natural Infrastructure

                                  Increasing global population and the resulting demand for resources has produced severe impacts to much of the world’s natural infrastructure such as forests, prairies, agricultural lands, estuaries, coastal landscapes and wetlands.?

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